Nearly forgotten

I promised a work friend I would make her a pair of leggings. There is also a nasty pink cardi in the pot too.
Want to leave it for a while to eliminate all trace of nasty.
(Who buys nasty pink? Who wakes up in the morning and says I think I’ll buy a nasty pink wool cardigan today and then DOES it?)

Spose that’s why it was in the op shop.

Hope it looks better soon…

Anyhoo the leggings for Sylwia…. Hope she likes them.







It was cold and windy but she still wanted to get in the way help


~ by mstery on 18 July, 2014.

5 Responses to “Nearly forgotten”

  1. The leggings are lovely!! Are they wool?
    And I agree…. nasty pink needs a make-over! I don’t think that I’ve ever woken up and thought that I’d wear pink (although I have had to rethink that a bit, as some of my cochineal results have definitely been on the pinkish side).

  2. I am wearing a post baby pink cardy that has been bundled .. worked a treat.. now pale grey with orange and browns so its always worth a try.

  3. PS leggings look great ….so comfy and warm

  4. Thanks Wen. Leggings are nearly required underwear down here especially this time of year.

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