Cotton Voile

A lovely friend gave me a cotton voile scarf to play around with last week so I decided to take the plunge, use a beaten egg and some cinerea leaves. I have also found another euc that gives up good colour but I have no idea what sort it is.

Does anyone have any ideas?




The unknown eucalyptus has medium sized thin leaves.


~ by mstery on 7 March, 2013.

4 Responses to “Cotton Voile”

  1. Sorry i can’t help with the identification but good to see that the egg wash worked !

  2. The colour is fantastic! I hope you’re really pleased with it. I’d need closer piuctures to have a prayer of identifying the tree–bark, leaves, fruit/flowers/buds… identification is a complex sport all right.

    • Thank you I am pleased. Do you think it looks a bit like Scoparia? The marks seem to be similar to those you have blogged. And, yes, identification is very difficult, unfortunately.

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