I got up enough braves on Saturday to bundle up and throw the sample woven scarf into the dye pot.

And the results are great!

The banana fibre didn’t take up any colour as expected. and the various wools took it beautifully, even the more fuzzy alpaca. the most intense colour was on the cashmere.









The silk was less intense but had a green tinge close to the copper pipe in the middle.

It has been so dry down here the roos are coming closer to the house.


I hit one of the stupid things yesterday morning driving her to the bus. And just after we’d gotten the car fixed ready to sell. Grr! He hopped away after leaving a dent in the front mudguard.


~ by mstery on 26 February, 2013.

6 Responses to “Results!”

  1. Wow what great results

  2. Thanks I have bundled the other one now.

  3. What amazingly vivid colours you are getting … the leaf prints are good too

  4. It is hard, isn’t it? To spend so much time and energy weaving something, then taking the leap and eco printing it!
    But what joy too!
    This scarf turned out beautifully!
    The first time I did it was with a handwoven silk shawl….. since the silk had been gifted to me, I didn’t have the fear of losing money…. just time.
    So I dyed it, with a bit of trepidation, and…… arghhh!!! It was SO insipid!
    But I’m stubborn, and thought “I’ve nothing to lose now”…… so I bundled it again. The second time around it looked amazing!

  5. Yep, and isn’t it nice when you can save a disappointment!
    Ah, it is all a wonderful experiment šŸ™‚

  6. What beautiful results!

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