More on our trip to the Big 80!

On the road to Brisbane for mum-in-law’s 80th birthday celebrations. Photos of the big day to follow.



LG during a couple of breakfast stops.



Little town on the way home. It must have been prosperous at one time. Very flash pub.



Little surprise when I got home and looked in on the ladies. Only one chick. And a small hole in Chook Mahal and 2 missing hens. Fox was at play while I was away, sigh. I will miss my beautiful Welsummer.

Hope chick is ok, it has been quite chilly here in the mornings, about 3 degrees. Those Silkies make good mums so it should be ok.

Feeling a tad weary tho. Need a holiday after my trip…..


~ by mstery on 10 October, 2012.

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