Slightly (too far) west Queensland

It is easy to forget that some things remain the same. Or maybe we just hope they have….

We are staying overnight on our way to a milestone birthday celebration. Sunday night between 6 & 7 pm. We are staying in an extremely overpriced 1970’s motel. We apparently got the last room although they must have all walked in as there are very few cars, including the small BMW that has been parked with the engine running for the last 3 hours. And no, there is no body in it.

I asked the person who took my money about where I could get a meal. The motel restaurant is closed and so are all the other motel restaurants, because it is a public holiday tomorrow. Oh, and why is it a holiday? This is the third person I have asked today and none of them had a clue. The best response I got was it was the Queens birthday and they change the date every year and this year it was tomorrow.

Anyway back to dinner. We had already walked through town and even the Chinese Restaurant was closed. There was nothing even resembling a place to eat. There were a few pubs but all with that closed look reminding you of a public toilet or Pentridge in its heyday. I was trying to get a sense of which one was safe to venture into, given I am accompanied by a teenager with faded blue hair. She suggested the Vic Hotel naming a faded old beauty, but we had better get their early because of the game today and it may be rowdy. Ok 6 o’clock it is then.

It’s 6.01 and we’re off down the street. After a few false starts we found the right door to go in. God knows, you don’t want to make it easy for people to spend their money. You only want persistent customers wasting their money and time in your establishment! The last door I tried that didn’t have Public Bar etched into it, revealed a room that may serve meals. This was after having gasping through the cloud of happy patrons in front of it clad in stubbies and wife-beaters. Where do they get them from? Hasn’t that factory closed down!

We ordered and sat to await our meals with a wine and raspberry lemonade. And watch the local wildlife. Two young families took up most of the space. One family moved tables after we sat down to get further away. Clearly we didn’t need to tell them that blue hair was contagious and to keep a safe distance. And interestingly the other family scampered not long after.

These families were nearly identical. I don’t think they were related. They didn’t talk to each other, so maybe they were. The parents were large: good eaters. No food went to waste at their place. One pair ordered steaks and they overlapped large dinner plates, the salad was underneath. They both had 4 or 5 kids: a couple racehorse lean and the rest were round. One particularly memorable toddler had to be popped out of his high hair it was so snug. He also won’t be winning any baby shows for looks.

Anyway one of the downsides to clearing the room was that we could now hear the kiddy gaming machines in the corner, the ones you put your money in to grab a prize and end up with a heat affected mini choc bar. Good practice for when you turn 18 and can put all your money in the pokie machines next door. The repeated few bars of the terrible music was enough to drive us out. Strangely no body else seemed to notice…..

And the food was terrible and overpriced (although I am not sure what I would have felt was value for money). The dressing I had on my salad was made from condensed milk and here I was thinking that recipe had thankfully died out with my grandmother. Clearly she had shared her best recipes with someone.

We decided to kill the next hour back in our luxury unit ( i want to know how that can get them to smell that way) waiting to go to the cinema. This should be exciting….


~ by mstery on 30 September, 2012.

2 Responses to “Slightly (too far) west Queensland”

  1. Sorry to read that your experience in this town was less than enjoyable! Although maybe that coloured your opinion on the families you saw … at least they were doing something together and having some time out … =D

  2. Yes you are quite correct they were together and clearly enjoying each other’s company.

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