Off to Mutawintje

Day 2 & 3

Left the Murrumbidgee and headed west then north thru (actually past) Mildura and then thru Broken Hill. It is truly terrifying how much fuel the Cruiser uses!

We had not been up this way for over 10 years and at that time we saw hundreds of Wedgetail Eagles. If there was road kill there were always a few Wedgies. (Some splatted but always live ones too) This time we saw none – not even one. Very sad.

Anyway further north and east Mutawintje NP. Run by the local indigenous people. Desert gorges, wonderful red gums and perpetual billabongs. Very beautiful. Some rock art as well. A large area of sacred sites that were only accessible with guides. Run twice a week and of course we just missed one. So a trip for another visit.

AND, we couldn’t believe it! Flushing toilets and hot showers! All for $10 a night! (Bore water & solar hot water, why don’t more NPs do this?)

Nice open campsites and about 5 or 6 other campers.









~ by mstery on 6 September, 2012.

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