Desert escape

It was mid semester break last week. So we parked LG with the older one and headed north. We are very tired of the chill and wanted to search out some sun.
Packed up the KK and went in search of National Parks to explore.

Day 1 Last Tuesday

Btw one of my few joys about heading out bush is no phone coverage! And no worldly spiders so this is a week late!

Tried to get into Yanga NP- no luck, still underwater or largely washed away.
A helpful lady at the tourist info centre at Balranald (often a surprisingly good source of local info, when they’re open!) told us about some free camping spots on the Murrumbidgee so off we went.



The views from our porch.



Found some windfall and bundled some up.


It looks grey and dried out but cut it open, vibrant red wood.


~ by mstery on 4 September, 2012.

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