The Chook Mahal! It’s going up!

I am so excited! The Chook Mahal is going up!

I have been dropping hints about this for ages with no result. I am SO sick of feeding the local fox and her new kits. It was the last straw when she took my favorite black Silky and my tiny Japanese Bantam. So when we went camping to the Upper Goulburn on Australia Day weekend, J and I convinced Scott to build me a Chook shed. He and Phil had done a fantastic job on J’s. It was hard work persuading him (he knows how hard the rock we call a backyard is) but the continuous food all weekend helped.

Anyway I thought we had failed in our quest but a couple of days later he turns up at our place and starts digging holes (with a jackhammer!). I was so happy I did a little dance and rang J, of course.

So up went the posts and Phil is now finishing the rest. My 4 remaining chookies are at J’s Holiday Camp for Chickens awaiting their new abode. They’ll be soooo happy.





~ by mstery on 18 February, 2012.

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