Vintage Japanese Fabrics

I have found this wonderful warehouse in Melbourne that imports Japanese fabrics. As well as new stuff they also have some great antique, vintage and generally well-used old fabric pieces – silk and cotton. They are parts of kimonos and Yukatas.  You can buy them complete or some have already been unpicked and rolled onto tubes. All the kimonos are handed stitched and very intrically well made – it is nearly sacrilegious to unpick them; but I do use the patches.  Some of the older ones are worn with holes and some have been handed patched. The cotton pieces are very beautiful and I am using them to back the dyed silk pieces to make scarves. Below is one of my early ones.

The looms they used to use are only about 30 cms wide and this scarf is using the full width.

I don't finish the ends off neatly as I like the fraying rough look. I think it works well with the ageing fabrics

This is a detail of the back of the scarf. This cotton piece is very old and you can see here where a hole has been hand patched.


~ by mstery on 25 March, 2011.

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