Last Weekend

Last weekend I overdyed some pieces from our camping weekend that I was not happy with. J & I had spread some linen over the rusty parts of the abandoned car. Incidentally this linen came from an old pair of linen pants J had found in an op shop (a wonderful cheap source of fabric!). If we had left them there for a week or more I think they would have come out well but overnight was just not long enough. It had rained as well so it was never going to work well.

So the process:

Firstly I pre-mordanted them & let them dry out in my specialist mordant equipment(aka a plastic bucket).

I used to dye them wet but I find I get a better result drying them out first.

After the mordant I now dry the pieces before dyeing.

Next I wrap stuff in the pieces and bundle them up with kitchen twine & stick them in the pot. Sometimes I boil up the dye first & sometimes I don’t and sometimes I stick the bundle in & boil it up or not.

One of the pots I use with a bundle draining on the top. I got most of my pots from op shops. And don't use them for anything else. Aluminium are good as the metal acts as a mordant.

I vary the amount of time I leave the bundles in the dye, then I will take them out & let them dry off completely out of the sun.

My bundles after dying. These bundles are mostly filled with gum leaves. The rectangular one has the smoker box lid in it - don't tell Mark.

It is always a surprise to see how they turn out!

Part of the linen pants

Another leg of the linen pants

This is a vintage French linen pillow case J got from Etsy.

Detail from pillow case where a gum leave can clearly be seen


~ by mstery on 23 March, 2011.

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