Tea Cosy Madness

I am working on some tea cosy designs that can easily be completed in a few hours. I have been asked to run a workshop on knitting with a tea cosy theme. I have no idea what skill level the participants will have, nor what their interests will be. So I am thinking about a basic pattern that can be modified to fit any sized teapot and can be used as a canvas to explore whatever decorative style the maker will choose.

Ideas so far.

Tea cosy bear - big & floppy & cute?

Get knotted cosy for the unconventional tea lover?

Or the Mice Tea Cosy for those who like tails?

I am working on one with flowers on top for the more traditional tea drinker….

Or maybe I should combine the knitting & domestic dying and come up with a eucalyptus flavoured one….


~ by mstery on 15 March, 2011.

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