Domestic Dyer

Been too busy to post anything for months.

Spent a lot of time lately dying recycled fabrics – mostly kimono silk linings which are beautiful. Some of them still have the hand-stitching on them. Lovely touch.

I am really inspired by the Gee’s Bend quilts like the one below. Bought J a book about them for her birthday – wonderful example of making do. These ladies are so talented.

Gee's Bend Quilt

Meanwhile I am trying my hand at dying using stuff I can find in the bush – eucalypt leaves mostly altho the old rusty abandoned car came up with some great impressions. I only wish I could have used it for a week or more.

The pictures below are a couple of wonderful old pieces of lawn that J got from France. The result was very pleasing – my best pieces yet.

French Linen - the first piece I dyed

Another piece of French linen. The long gum leaves can clearly be seen on this piece.

Detail of above piece

More detail

The leaves used on these pieces came from some eucalypt trees at Gough’s Bay. We were up there camping a couple of weekends ago.  I want to go back & do some more.


~ by mstery on 9 March, 2011.

2 Responses to “Domestic Dyer”

  1. Hi Nadine
    Great fun to see the results with nature as our medium
    I have almost got my blog together ( find it easier to fiddle with dye and silk than get frustrated with the key board )
    Good luck with the knitting work shop !
    Cheers Wendi Aka Wendi of the Treasure

  2. Hi Wen

    Found your blog – looking good. And, yes, I get far more satisfaction paddling in the dyepots than putting it on the blog. Need a good easy photo program – looking at Elements at the moment. Argh! So time consuming this interwebs stuff…..



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