What a month!

The weather has finally been warming up. So we thought, great day for a ride!  Suzuki wouldn’t start so Mark took the Harley & I took the Vespa. Had a very pleasant ride up through Christmas Hills, Yarra Glen, Toolangi and coffee at Healesville before heading back home.  The scooty was great fun but doesn’t like hills or even a slight incline actually but as long as I wasn’t holding anyone up I was enjoying myself.  The scooty is such good fun!

So we get home. I am a wimp & will not venture my scooty down the treacherous driveway – I park it in my studio. (It makes brave men tremble. The poo man managed to get one set of rear wheels dangling in the air the other day & had to call in reinforcements to save him!) Anyway Mark was on his way to putting the beast back into the shed when it decided it wasn’t ready yet and spat him off on the driveway and landed on his foot.

It broke the bottom of both his leg bones and in his haste to remove his leg from the oil & fuel running down it, Mark also dislocated his ankle & tore a ligament. What followed was a trip to emergency, surgery, a week in hospital and crutches. Things are a little disrupted at home at the moment. And he is back at work for 3 days per week & 2 working from home.

On another front it has been difficult to find the headspace to do much of anything else.  I have completed a couple more pieces for my Dreaming Project and feel pretty happy with them. They are evocative of my experience on the Conference and I want to get them completed before I go on the next Dreaming Conference in mid-December. Getting suitable photos of them for the book will be the next task. I think I will elicit Tashi’s help. Her eye for composition is developing very well. I only wish she would spend my time at it.

The one that doesn't hurt people


~ by mstery on 23 November, 2010.

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