the Ivan iPad cover

Mark was feeling unwell today so he din’t go into w. Had to turn the music up to cover his snoring.

Spent a productive day making iPad covers. I am using some old re-purposed woollen blankets that Jay has dyed in her fabulous way and the pieces are wonderful to work with. And very soft for covers.

Front of the cover with iPad in it on the stand.

There is a baby Ivan on the back too

I am trying to work out different ways to close covers without having any sharp edges to scratch what’s inside.  For this one I used some black elastic and a wooden bead.

Cover opened out showing where the elastic is attached.

Ivan & Younger are hand-stitched on using a re-purposed jumper that was felted violently in the washing machine. The expensive, dry-clean-only, pure wool jumpers felt up beautifully.

Detail showing Ivan.

Detail from the back showing Ivan the Younger with his evil red eyes!


~ by mstery on 7 October, 2010.

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