The Weather!

Replaced the green on the greenhouse & good as new!

We have had 2 weekends with the sun out.  So out into the garden to get it ready for some summer vegies.  It is likely that we will still get a frost or two. The local wisdom is that you don’t plant your tomatoes out until after Cup weekend so we have started some seedlings in my renovated green house.

After only a week the radish seeds have sprouted.

Radish seedlings

Have planted out 8 trays of seeds.

And have ordered more seeds from Diggers: mainly toms, pumpkins & melons.  We will try the melons again this year in a different bed to see if we can get them to ripen this time. We got plenty last time but none of them ripen enough to eat, sadly.

Chooks in the kale bed

We are preparing the beds for the seedlings & let the chooks into the kale & broadbean bed.  They have nearly stripped the kale & have left the broadbeans alone, thankfully.


~ by mstery on 4 October, 2010.

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