Felted Bag

I was seduced into a wool shop the other day (seeing one will usually be enough).  They had some discontinued yarn that was half price.  Good enough for me! To buy it, that is. I don’t have low standards. So I had been thinking about knitting up a shopping bag to felt and this looked like the sort of yarn I was after.

I used a pattern I had spotted on Knitty as I couldn’t be bothered to draft up a pattern for an experiment and it knitted up massively. And took a week to complete. Threw it in the washing machine with 2 dryer balls (nice and textured for added felting action).  It shrank to about half its size! Now I know why it was on sale. But perfect for my purposes.

Felted Shopping Bag

Jadey decided it was just perfect!


~ by mstery on 30 September, 2010.

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