So it is

Yeah I know… I’m not disciplined enough to update this regularly and this is only the second post… Seems there are always other more pressing things to occupy my time. Like making things, thinking about making things, researching ideas for making things, finding materials for making things. You get the idea.
Well Mark bought me an iPad for my birthday (which isn’t till next month but he couldn’t help himself which is very sweet). It is fab. I can do lots of things on it. Posting to my blog is only 1!
I will need to find an app that allows me to record instructions/patterns as I go along. Used scraps of paper up till now. Which worked ok as long as I could remember what I did with them after I moved onto the next project! Back to the discipline issue, again. Hmmm.

And, of course, this new acquisition meant that I had to make a case for it.

Which I have.

I sorted (what I really mean is that I tossed my stuff around until I found something suitable for the project) and found a fantastic piece of an old woollen blanket that J had dyed in lime, purple and blue.

The design just kind of happened. I had a mouse cut out kicking around my work bench and the closure just grew from there. Have been looking for a place to use these wonderful timber buttons I got from somewhere. I usually get them out, look at them, then put them away again. So it is satisfying to actually use one.

So I am going to take some photos now to post. Easy bit. Getting them onto my iPad to post will be the new bit.


~ by mstery on 29 July, 2010.

2 Responses to “So it is”

  1. I kind of want an iPad now, just so I can get a cute case to go along with it!

    • Well… I can make you one on spec… Ready for your iPad. I made an orange one for J with an Eric.. Will get photo

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