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I have been reading an article in the new edition of Slow magazine (sorry, guys, if I knew how to hyperlink it I would.)

They write about the joys of aimless working. I am delighted by the image of 18th century French flaneurs wandering the streets of Paris with a turtle on a leash to set the correct pace!

Starting to feel like I need to find a turtle to wander the city lanes of Melbourne!

How to make Wild Fermented Young Country Wine (it’s easy)

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I’m strangely tempted.

Originally posted on Milkwood: homesteading skills for city & country:

milkwood young country wine1

Young country wine is a simple ferment composed of fruit, sugar, water, air and time.

With the help of the naturally occurring yeasts on the skins of the fruits, these simple ingredients can be transformed into a delicious good-time brew…

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Body & soul: the self & exercise

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This has got this exercise-hating mind re-thinking this whole issue.

Originally posted on How to shuck an oyster:

shoesA strange thing has happened to me recently. Time, that thing we are all so desperately lacking, and thus constantly mourning – seems to have warped and expanded. There seem to be more hours in the day, I feel calmly able to manage all the stuff I have to do and more, without that terrible fizzy, crowdy-headed feeling Caro so aptly described in her comment on the last post – the sense of being torn in different directions by competing demands, voices, responsibilities and desires, by the world’s troubles and our responses to them, by everything hurtling in.

Free, from all of it.

This weird and pleasant sensation can be fleeting, and I have to catch it when it’s there, but I have finally figured out its source: exercise. The more I exercise, the more time slows and expands. Seriously weird.

All my life I’ve been an on-again off-again exerciser, with…

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Cat presents

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My fuzzy friend was so happy I finally came home she brought me a gift. Carefully selected and only slightly chewed.


Meanwhile back at the ranch….

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Lucky it was a still day








Darwin dreaming

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Must be a dream, no other explanation.










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What else can you do when it’s 44.2 degrees….

No wind tho, that comes Friday. Danger day for fires.



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